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1010 Brewings

1010 brews are handcrafted, original beers brewed right here on our doorstep, within the 1010 postal code of Auckland. 
Any questions or comments? Give us a shout at [email protected]

On Tap Now:


Women are always getting their hands onto men's things… now they've got into our brewery too, with POP Brut Beer. Not to worry blokes – it may have bubbles and a rose flavored fizz, but it's still wrapped in beer. 4.6%, $9

This’ll get you stomping around a camp fire chanting “Aucklindian please!” again and again. The Aucklindian is straight back to theroots of NZ brewing - malt, hops, yeast, and a splash of water. 5%, $9

Like wandering through the bush on a hot summer’s day, Hopopito has a warm, earthy sensation that’s hard to forget. Expect your taste buds to tickle thanks to the native NZ pepper infused into the beer. 7.6%, $10

Previous Release:

Oddball Decal

You may not think a beer would make you the sharpest tool in the shed, but the Oddball will leave you on the ball with memory enhancing peppermint – not to mention fresh breathed and ready to roll. 5%, $9

Good ol’ Mr Woodburn didn’t just want a run of the mill cranberry beer, or a chocolate ale either. Oh no, he wanted them both, and with a sprinkle of cinnamon too. So we gave it to him! Stick that in ya glass Mr Woodburn! 6%, $9.50

Dear Santa. This is a sessionable beer as we know you're busy and you'll need to flog it down quick. Being a brewery and all, we've realized we we just can't be good, so you'll just have to come and be naughty with us. Love, 1010. 4.5%, $9

Taking you right back to Nana’s house on Christmas day way back when... Ah the memories! Reminisce with tastes of oaked brandy soaked fruit mince followed by chocolate and coffee. 5%, $9

Just like Aucklanders there’s nothing quite like this lager in NZ. The orange and chocolate tastes so good even non-JAFA’s are getting their faces in it! This certainly isn’t JUST ANOTHER F#@KEN AVERAGE LAGER! 6%, $9

We didn’t want to burn your taste buds off before you realised that this is a damn good lager so it’s not until after a few mouthfuls you’ll realise that your throat is hot and it’s bloody tasty! 5%, $9